Search Engine Optimization

Your online business’ or website’s success is founded on Search Engine Optimization

Your main goal is to have your website made visible to as many people as possible. At Web Zando , our SEO specialists find pleasure in delivering long lasting effects as opposed to a quick temporal lift in Search Engine results rankings.

With the help of our dedicated professionals, you will enjoy higher search engine rankings, great traffic to your website and of course increased sales derived from an increased number of customers visiting your website.

Web Zando SEO strategies are very effective since they are based on working principles. We understand that websites that offer useful content and great visitor experience find favor in the eyes of Search Engines. Our strategies involve building websites or modifying websites such that they gain preference to Search Engines, and people will make visiting habitual since they like the websites.

At Web Zando, we know that every business or client have their unique needs, goals or even clients. Based on that, we are able to customize our SEO services such that they serve to fulfill your needs within your budget limit.

Our team will discuss your specific needs and goals with you. They will then dig out information about your industry, take a look at what your competitors are doing, research about your target keywords and formulate a customized SEO strategy specifically for you. All you will have to do is pay for the services and you can be sure that you will receive regular updates like weekly reports updating you on the progress of the SEO campaign you entrust our team with.

SEO with Web Zando incorporates the following:

Consultations for:

  • Initial Website establishment
  • Home page content
  • Research on target keywords
  • Meta Data modifications
  • Search Engine Optimized content writing
  • Google web master and Google Analytics tools set up and implementation
  • Delivering reports on the SEO campaign’s progress

Link Building

Search engines rank your website and consider it reputable base on the quality of back-links to your website. It is the job of our experts at Web Zando to ensure that we determine and establish links with higher ranking sites. This will earn you a significant amount search engine trust and hence a higher ranking.

Local SEO

Local SEO is important for optimizing your pages. On site Search engine SEO has the most significant effect on Organic Search engine traffic. Our experts have been trained on how to optimize your local pages to make them attract more organic traffic from Search Engines.

Image Search Engine Optimization

Images are a major part of most websites. However, they are easily visible to humans but search engines have poor vision when it comes to detecting images. Images can be made easily discoverable by Search Engines by including relevant Meta tags alongside images. Targeted keywords can also be included in the Meta tags.

At Web Zando , we work with clients from all industries and strive to deliver high quality SEO services regardless of our clients’ niche. Our rates are reasonable and affordable. Get in touch with us today for a startup through our contact page.