Web Development

Web Zando offers you utmost quality web development services at the most affordable prices. Our services range from the most basic web development projects to complex ones. This includes writing mark up and coding, development of web applications, e-commerce website development and other services in the line of web development.

Our professional web development services extends from the most coveted PHP based web development, Linux, Apache, Flash, My SQL, JavaScript, HTML 5, Jquery and all the way to MS Silverlight. In our quest to provide web pages, web applications and other elements that are supported in almost all browsers, we utilize platforms such as Microsoft Visual studio, SQL server, Active Server Pages, and Straight Web design. Incorporating our web development technology allows you to have more advantages as opposed to using regular technology.
Our web tech experts are dedicated to creating tidy easy and fast loading web design elements (web apps and web pages). We design web pages with maximum ease of navigation and we also give the website layout that allows users to locate what they are looking for with ease. We also offer exclusive and creative graphic design, and web interactive features. Web interactive features are the likes of polls, forums, message boards, chat (also known as Instant Messaging) applications and e-newsletters.

Web Development Services for Businesses

Web development services offered by Web Zando are a strategic plan aimed at transforming your business’ functionality. We architecture apps that are scalable and the apps are also suitable for most industries.  Our automated apps allow for efficiency and cost effectiveness in business operations. We also design web development solutions that involve your business and IT infrastructure forming a platform that suits your specific business needs. Utilizing web development allows for the creation of a seamless flow that in turn leads to improved work flow, minimal overhead, eliminates redundancy and thus leads to increased revenue. Our team of consultants will study your business holistically and once your need is identified spot on, we create a web development project based on that need and a solution s arrived at.

At Web Zando , we offer the following web development services:

  • Web Site Design (single web pages and multiple pages websites)
  • Multimedia Development Services
  • Programming for Java, C#, C++
  • Database and website integration services eg.  Access database, DBase, and SQL database
  • E-commerce
  • Internet Marketing/Advertising
  • Website statistics (traffic)
  • Storage of Web sites on a Web Server
  • Company Email Systems

We are working with corporate and small business clients from all around the world. Evidently, most of our clients are happy with the kind of services, web solutions and other products they are enjoying from our team of experts. Be ahead of your competition by embracing our cutting edge web development technology and services. We will discuss your needs with you and keep you updated about your project throughout its progress. We have been known to surpass our clients’ deadlines and deliver high quality products. Try our services and web solutions today and experience the difference.