First Approach:

By default Avada does not provide the ability to upload a different logo for a specific page. A user can only upload a global logo in the Theme Options -> Logo section which cannot be sufficient in some situations where a user wants to upload a different logo for a specific page. With the help of this tutorial, you’ll be able to upload a different logo for your page other than the Global logo which comes from Theme Options. The good thing in the process is, Avada theme provides an option to use Custom CSS in the Fusion Builder of each page so you can get this done easily.

First you need to remove the global logo from the specific page and below CSS can be used in the Fusion Builder CSS area of your page where you want a different logo.


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Once done, you need to install and activate a child theme in your website and edit the functions.php file by going to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor section. Then paste the below code at the very bottom of the functions.php file.


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Now before saving the changes in there, you need to get the ID of your page, update the anchor link and the image link of the above code to your own ones. The ID should be of the page for which you want the different logo and a quick way to get the ID is to edit that specific page and you’ll see the numeric page ID number in the browser address bar.

Once you have made changes to Page ID, anchor link and the image source, save the changes in the functions.php file and you’ll see the changes taking effect. The logo will be now replaced with the image that you used in the code and the global logo of Avada will be removed.

Second Approach:

Just create a custom header for your page, if you’re using 7.0+ version of Avada and dive into the unlimited possibilities.

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