WordPress Web Design


WordPress is a priceless platform and that’s what Web Zando team of web professionals has always upheld as the truth and offer services revolving around WordPress web design such as:

  • WordPress web design
  • Customization of WordPress websites
  • WordPress Search Engine Optimization
  • WordPress Email Newsletter
  • WordPress Website Maintenance Services

WordPress offers its users a number of advantages. First of all, WordPress gives you an opportunity to choose from many different templates, widgets and plugins. All these help make WordPress websites easily customizable. It is possible to customize a WordPress website for your brand or business. WordPress sites are easily integrated with social media such as twitter and Facebook. By now everybody knows that social media integration is a great way to get visitors to your social profiles. The most successful sites have social media integration fitted in place.  Social Media integration gives you the ability to attract new customers to your business, as well as communicate with current customers through messages posted on the social media.

WordPress is mainly used for blogs and now most of designers are using WordPress as CMS (Content Management Systems). This is a very handy feature that makes the control and management of your site’s content very easy. Modifications, adding or removing images and text with great ease. You do not need to have great knowledge of web design to do so. It is more like what you do with your Facebook account when adding pictures or creating posts. WordPress creates duplicate content but we take care of it.

Search Engine Optimization with WordPress sites is very easy since WordPress gives room for adjustment of Meta data, pages content and URL structure to make them appeal to Search Engines. This is very advantageous since Search engines have a thing for fresh content.


WordPress web design with Web Zando

Our professionals have great experience working with clients who want to utilize WordPress to maximize returns from their business. For this reason, our team of WordPress Web Designers has the knowledge needed to narrow down to the most affordable, aesthetic and high usability WordPress designs. We optimize your WordPress site for security and a great user experience.

Our team of experts is going to see to it that you get the kind of WordPress website design that works for your business. We have been in business for several years and we have always provided web sites which have great functionality, appealing designs as well as easy to manage. All this is aimed at creating a WordPress website that is active and vibrant, hence able to attract prospective customers and make your business successful.  At Web Zando , we believe that you need a WordPress platform that can generate new clients and stand out from your competition.

Do you want to transform your business into an evergreen one without spending too much on the internet? Well get in touch with us through our contact page. We are dedicated to delivering WordPress Web Design solutions that work for each and every one of our clients.