When using the WP Job Manager plugin, it does not have a required parameter which is used for condition selection in Avada Layouts. To ensure that the ‘Job’ custom post type created by WP Job Manager plugin appears in the conditional options for layouts within Avada, the custom post type must be made visible in navigation menus, which is where Avada pulls its list for conditionals. The plugins might not set the ‘Job’ post type to be visible in these menus by default. To rectify this, you can add specific code to your child theme’s functions.php file to avoid losing changes on theme updates.

Add the following code to the ‘functions.php’ file of your child theme to ensure the ‘Job’ post type is included in navigation menus, making it available for selection in layout conditionals:

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This code snippet modifies the registration arguments of the ‘Job’ post type to ensure it’s flagged for inclusion in navigation menus (‘show_in_nav_menus’ set to ‘true’). Once added, the ‘Job’ post type should become selectable within the layout condition.

Additionally, the provided code includes a secondary function designed to alter the post type of ‘job_listing’ posts under certain conditions, making them appear as ‘not_job_listing’. This can be useful for specific customization needs but be cautious as altering post types dynamically can have unintended side effects on your site’s behavior:

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After adding this code, revisit the Avada layout conditionals to see if the ‘Job’ post type now appears as expected. If it does not, you may need to clear any caching mechanisms in place (such as site cache, browser cache, or caching plugins) and then check again.

Hopefully that resolves it.