This is one of the big problem a general WordPress administrator can face while working on the WordPress platform. There are many reason your WordPress website is vulnerable to hackers and everyday thousands of websites get hacked or defaced due to poor security. Most of the hackers are just adding SCORE to their profile that they have defaced websites. A Hacker is always looking for a susceptible spot from where he can enter your website and do messy things to up set you. In this article, you will find some useful tips on how you can improve the security of a WordPress based website from basic hack attacks.

1. Strong Passwords

If you are not choosing hard passwords for your WordPress website then you’re putting your website security at risk. Implement hardening the passwords for all users. And do not use any general passwords like 12345 or any other general words.

2. Trusted Themes and plugins

Always used Trusted and Licensed templates if using Premium WordPress templates or free templates from author with a good reputation. Never use pirated WordPress Themes for your website as it can really make a huge difference in terms of security. Most of pirated themes have malicious scripts inserted which can jeopardize your security. Its always recommended to use only trusted themes and plugins for your WordPress websites.

3. Keep the tools up-to-date

If your WordPress version, plugins and themes are outdated, you are likely risking your website security. Do update it as soon as there is an update available and it is very important that you should have a new version of WordPress or plugin specifically because there are always new security features in them.

4. Tight back-end

If you are not tightening the back-end area of your WordPress website then do it without wasting any time.

5. Login Limits

It is very obvious that you know your password and when you will be logging in you know your password. Put a limit to login area that if someone else other than you provides an incorrect login for 5 times, the IP should be blocked. There are many plugins available for that. If you are developer you can do it easily.

6. Database Back ups

It is very crucial that you back up your database regularly to avoid any big disaster because hackers know their stuff and after trying harder and harder, you might still be at risk and the last option we have if the website is hacked is ‘RESTORATION OF DATABASE’.

7. Security Scan

There are many plugins and tool that can help you scan the WordPress Themes and Plugins and Exploit Scanner is one of them. You can download it and use it for security scan of your website. An online tool for security scanner for your website is Sucuri.

8. Recommended plugin for general WordPress users and Developers

Better WP Security is considered one of the best plugin for WordPress security. The built in functions are very easy to use and its multipurpose and serves the best for security. You can configure it easily even if you do not have developer experience of WordPress. You can have regular database back up option as well either daily or weekly.

9. Shared hosting

Its better if you should avoid using shared hosting for your WordPress websites. Managed WordPress hosting providers like WPEngine , Web Synthesis are one of the leading hosting providers despite these are pricey but provides great value in terms of security.