Online Training is becoming very popular these days and it has many reasons for its popularity. First, you don’t have to set up a schedule for the purpose of learning like you can go, learn it whenever you want. Second, you can learn it at a low cost. Paying few dollars per month for learning a lot isn’t a bad deal and that too from successful professionals. Most of online training courses are paid but they always have free trial which can help you to determine either if you want to continue with their courses or want to move on from them.



Lynda Weinman Bruce Heavin and Lynda Weinman is one of the old and large online training website which provides hundreds of courses in many fields which includes Web Development, Graphic Design, SEO and Application Development. They have professional trainers explaining each and every aspect of things in their video training. Lynda was founded by Bruce Heavin and Lynda Weinman. They only disadvantage is that they have some out dated video trainings as compared to the current trends of subjects.



Ryan Carson and Alan JohnsonRyan Carson and Alan Johnson


Team Tree House is becoming a more attractive and a great platform for people who are interested in top notch Web Development, Application Development and Web Design. They have fresh courses with excellent training in videos on how you can design, develop and market a website. They have 2 monthly subscriptions plans which you can choose as per your need. Team Tree House is a much recommended website if you are interested to learn Web Development in WordPress and Application Development not only because they have good trainers but also because of the interactive training tools. Team Tree House was founded by Alan Johnson and Ryan Carson.


3. Udemy Academy



Udemy is also one of the uprising online learning platform co-founded by Gagan Biyani and 3 more. Unlike Lynda and Team Tree House they have a very different set up of courses. They have instructors from all over the world like CEO’s, Top Management Guys, professionals expert of their own fields. From Web Development to Yoga training you can buy one time many paid training videos. You can also find some free training videos as there are many companies providing free stuff for people.

4. TutsPlus



Tutsplus is powered by Envato and providing excellent free tutorials and paid video trainings in Graphic Design, Creative Designing, Motion Graphics and Web Development. As they have a big marketplace of Web Templates and Graphic, it is a very useful resources to learn tutorials on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Dreamweaver for Web Design. After getting expertise you can create and sell the items in their marketplaces. You can buy premium account to get access to videos. They have 2 plans, one is monthly based charging just $19 per month and yearly plan at $15 per month.